Nyheter fra Sri-Lanka del 4

Opptakene skal ha blitt filmet av soldat og smuglet ut av landet. TV2 – Utenriks – 08.jan.2010 12:04:15
Tekst: NTB – redaksjonen@abcnyheter.no Bilde: AFP PHOTO / FILES / JOURNALISTS FOR DEMOCRACY IN SRI LANKA ABC Nyheter – Verden – 08.jan.2010 11:02:20
FN hevder den brutale henrettelsesvideoen er ekte, og varsler omfattende granskning. Se video. Nettavisen – Utenriks – 08.jan.2010 09:44:39
Philip Alston er ute på et personlig korstog for å tvinge fram en internasjonal gransking med brodd mot Sri Lanka. Vi motsetter oss metodene han bruker, han skulle ha kommet til oss med Dagbladet – Nyheter – 08.jan.2010 09:00:51
HENRETTET: Denne uidentifiserte mannen blir likvidert av det som ser ut som singalesiske militærsoldater. Foto: Journalists for Democracy in Sri Lanka VG – Nyheter – 08.jan.2010 08:37:47
[ Channel 4 News ][ Jan 08 15:27 GMT ] The UN Secretary-General is considering setting up an expert panel to look into alleged violations by the Sri Lankan army, after a report found a video showing prisoner executions "appears to be authentic". When the images were first broadcast the High Commission of Sri Lanka immediately and categorically denied troops had taken part in atrocities against the Tamil community. Officials from the country's government continued to maintain the soldiers had only been involved in fighting Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) rebels.
[ IPI ][ Jan 08 15:06 GMT ] ?It is one year and no break-through has been made,? Lasantha?s brother and current Chairman of Leader Publications Ltd. (which includes the Sunday Leader), Lal Wickrematunge, told IPI today. ?The case in court has been called 24 times and postponed; and police have not made any headway into solving the crime.? Lasantha Wickrematunge was shot near the Sri Lankan capital Colombo by unidentified gunmen riding on a motorcycle on the morning of 8 January 2009 as he was driving his car to his office. He died of his wounds a few hours later.
[ AFP ][ Jan 08 12:37 GMT ] Sri Lanka was under new pressure Friday to submit to a war crimes investigation after the United Nations authenticated a video allegedly showing prisoners being executed by troops last year.The UN estimates that 7,000 civilians perished during the first four months of last year, though this figure is disputed by the government. On Thursday, UN human rights envoy Philip Alston concluded that video footage said to be of Sri Lankan troops executing unarmed Tamil Tiger rebels last year was authentic and urged Colombo to accept a war crimes probe.
[ Channel 4 News ][ Jan 08 12:30 GMT ] Channel 4 News foreign editor Ben de Pear said: "Since we broadcast the video on August 25, the Sri Lankan government has called press conferences, released technical investigations (which they said proved the footage was faked or doctored) and dispatched senior civil servants and politicians to London, New York and Geneva to publicly defend their position and criticise Channel 4 News.
[ Inner City Press ][ Jan 08 02:06 GMT ] After the 2009 video depicting Sri Lankan soldiers shooting blindfolded prisoners was deemed credible in a detailed report Thursday by UN Special Rapporteur Philip Alston, Inner City Press asked the spokesman for UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon if Mr. Ban would move to appoint a panel of inquiry, as he did to investigate the 157 people killed in Guinea on September 28, 2009. Mr. Ban's spokeman Martin Nesirky began by saying that since UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay had already called for an investigation of war crimes in Sri Lanka, there was no need for a similar call by Ban Ki-moon, "no need for a second track."

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