Nyheter fra Sri Lanka del 5

Om lag 120 medarbeidere er sagt opp etter at det ble innført full stopp i norsk støtte til fredsstiftelsen Foundation for Co-Existence (FCE) i Sri Lanka. Utenriksdepartementet står bak Bistandsaktuelt – 05.feb.2010 06:01:25
Norsk våpeneksport har eksplodert etter USAs krigføring mot terror. Fredsnasjonen Norge tjener fett på krigene. Nå krever kritiske røster økt kontroll med hvor våpnene havner. Dagsavisen – Innenriks – 05.feb.2010 04:02:10
Thai Pongal, tamilenes første dag i det nye året, er tradisjonelt en hyllest til sola og markens grøde. En fest i familiens tegn. Lokalavisen Groruddalen – Kultur – 04.feb.2010 18:09:28
[ AFP ][ Feb 05 15:03 GMT ] EU nations have decided to suspend Sri Lanka's preferential trade status because of the island's human rights record and will make the formal move later this month, officials said Friday. "European ambassadors have taken the decision. The EU Commission's investigation showed Sri Lanka has not demonstrated that it has taken the steps that would allow it to retain or regain the GSP+ status," a European diplomat said. However the suspension would not come into effect until six months later. The European Union's Generalised System of Preferences Plus (GPS+) scheme gives 16 poor nations preferential access to the trading bloc in return for following strict commitments on a wide variety of social and rights issues.
[ AFP ][ Feb 05 15:03 GMT ] Sri Lankan police and troops began a crackdown Friday against thousands of military deserters after a large number failed to heed a surrender call, military officials said. Some 1,400 soldiers who were absent without leave turned up at military camps Thursday to take advantage of an amnesty declared to coincide with Sri Lanka's national holiday marking the island's 1948 independence. But thousands more were still listed as deserters, a military official said. "From today (Friday), the army and the police will step up search operations to arrest deserters," the official, who declined to be named, said.
[ PR Web ][ Feb 05 11:23 GMT ] Protesters concerned about human rights will gather in front of stores that carry clothing "Made in Sri Lanka" on February 6, 2010. Protesters are asking shoppers to check the label and boycott anything "Made in Sri Lanka." Events will take place in 16 major US cities outside GAP and Victoria's Secret stores, where up to half the clothes come from Sri Lanka. Boycott protests will be held in the UK, Canada and Australia as well. "A boycott and divestment campaign succeeded in changing the racist apartheid government of South Africa, and we believe that Americans will be just as concerned about abuses in Sri Lanka," said the Boycott Campaign's spokesperson, Dr. Ellyn Shander.
[ Al Jazeera ][ Feb 04 20:13 GMT ] Sri Lanka's president has called on the country's ethnic Tamils to help ease tensions, as the country marks its first independence day since the end of a 25-year civil war. Mahinda Rajapaksa, speaking at a ceremony in the central city of Kandy on Thursday, indicated there would be no self-determination for Tamils, but called on them to work with the government. "Let's solve our problems ourselves through discussions," he said in the Tamil language.
[ Reuters ][ Feb 04 19:01 GMT ] Sri Lanka's newly re-elected president vowed on Thursday to regain the progress lost in a quarter-century war with the Tamil Tigers separatists by boosting the country's economy and unifying its people. Speaking at Sri Lanka's first independence day since the end of the civil war last year, Mahinda Rajapaksa also signalled that he would not accept any outside solutions imposed to solve the ethnic strife that sparked the war. Rajapaksa has won two major victories in the last year, the first coming in May when he led the nation to defeat the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and end one of Asia's longest-running wars and then a tough election race last week.
[ BBC ][ Feb 04 18:56 GMT ] Sri Lanka's newly re-elected President Mahinda Rajapaksa has been celebrating the country's independence day, the first since the end of the war against Tamil Tiger rebels. But opponents say the president has ordered revenge against those who voice opposition.
Digest -Washington Post
(Rafiq Maqbool/associated Press) Thousands of opposition supporters took to the streets of Sri Lanka's capital, Colombo, on Wednesday to protest the results …
Sri Lanka leader calls for unity after poll win- AFP
COLOMBO ? Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse Thursday marked the anniversary of the country's independence with a call for unity and reconciliation …
Sri Lanka Lobbies at UN Despite Child Soldiers Recruited, Others Barred from – Inner City Press
By Matthew Russell Lee, Exclusive UNITED NATIONS, February 4 — Two months after the UN sent retired Major General Patrick Cammaert to Sri Lanka, …
Colombo (NTB-AFP): Sri Lanka blir kritisert for å ha forlenget unntakstilstanden som gir sikkerhetsstyrkene vesentlig utvidede fullmakter. Avisen Agder (Flekkefjords Tidende) – 06.feb.2010 22:40:54
Russland låner E24.no – Utenriks – 06.feb.2010 10:46:50

[ AFP ][ Feb 06 13:53 GMT ] Sri Lanka faced criticism Saturday for extending a state of emergency giving sweeping powers to security forces to detain suspects ahead of parliamentary elections due by April. A private poll-monitoring body, the People's Action for Free and Fair Elections, said continuation of emergency rule could undermine the vote slated to be held after last month's presidential election, won by Mahinda Rajapakse. "The use of emergency laws could seriously affect the campaign and there is no guarantee that the government will not use it against political opponents," the group's executive director, Rohana Hettiarachchi, said.
[ InnerCity Press ][ Feb 06 00:55 GMT ] Two months after the UN sent retired Major General Patrick Cammaert to Sri Lanka, his report on Children and Armed Conflict in Sri Lanka was presented to a sub-committee of the UN Security Council, in a closed meeting in the UN basement, the Inner City Press website reported. According to Inner City Press, the report notes among other things the re-recruitment of children by a "commander named Iniya Barrathi who was part of the TMVP breakaway faction under Karuna's leadership." Cammaert recommends that that government take action.

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